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West Yorkshire

The economy of West Yorkshire has been steadily evolving over the past century. Buildings which once housed woollen mills or cloth manufacturing facilities have become home to media and communications companies, financial services, and upscale shopping1. In spite of West Yorkshire's quickly evolving economic landscape, one business has made the county their home for more than one hundred years. Morrisons, one of the top four supermarkets in the UK, has remained in Bradford ever since their humble start as a small egg and butter stall in Rawson Market.

Today, with more than 400 stores across the United Kingdom, Morrisons has far outgrown one humble market stall. With millions of customers every week, Morrisons must move literally tonnes of merchandise from their West Yorkshire headquarters and distribution centers to locations all over the country. Electric Used forklifts Leeds make easy work of navigating and organising cramped back rooms, and don’t produce fumes the way gas powered used forklift Leeds do. Electric used forktrucks Bradford City reach trucks make it possible to store even more merchandise in limited spaces. The unloading of stacked pallets from distribution centre to major stores is a tedious job, but with the aid of West Yorkshire Used forktruck the job is made exponentially easier and faster because of the large lifting capacity of the forklifts as well as their ability to pick up and carry multiple pallets.

This West Yorkshire company can also make use of hand powered pallet trucks to distribute their merchandise to the sales floor as well as utilizing small electric Bradford used lift trucks. Hand powered pallet trucks, or electric powered pallet trucks are quiet, non-disruptive options to allow workers to carry heavy loads of merchandise for stocking. They make easy work of a difficult task, and maintain the quiet, friendly shopping environment the customers have become accustomed to.

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