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Long and Short-Term Forklift Hire

123Forklift provides fork lift truck hire solutions throughout the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. With hundreds of forklifts available, our forklift hire fleet includes engine and electric (counterbalance) lift trucks, order pickers, stackers, scissor lifts, rough terrains, reach trucks and telehandlers. We carry all major brands and models so our customers are familiar with the type of equipment they hire. 123Forklift offers daily, weekly and monthly hires to not only meet the timeframe of your hire, but your budget.

  • Short-term lift truck hire is the standard choice for small to medium sized jobs. Daily rentals are the best option for applications requiring a forklift for less than 8 hours. Weekly rentals are ideal for jobs projected to last 2-5 days. Short-term rates are determined by length of the fork lift hire and the weight capacity of the fork truck.
  • Long-term lift truck hire is recommended for jobs requiring a forklift on a frequent basis for an extended period of time during seasonal peaks. Contractors typically hire on a monthly basis to ensure the forklift will be readily available when needed. Long-term rates are also determined by length of the hire and equipment type.

Fork Lift Truck Hire vs. Purchase

Fork truck hire is an ideal option for companies who do not require a forklift on a daily basis or do not have a sufficient budget to purchase one in full. Hiring a forklift can be more cost effective as the user is not responsible for paying regular repair and maintenance costs. Hiring a forklift also coincides with the ability to remove or add equipment to a fleet without compromising the momentum of productivity. The upfront cost of a forklift purchase exceeds that of a forklift hire, but it is the most economical option for companies requiring a forklift on a consistent basis.

123Forklift offers long and short-term forklift hire services at a moment’s notice or weeks in advance. We offer flexible forklift truck hire options and competitive rates throughout the United Kingdom. Our hire rates are determined by equipment type, weight capacity and time frame. To enquire about forklift hire rates, complete the online enquiry form or contact us at 020 3514 3686.