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The Importance of Forklift Maintenance

There’s nothing like the sleek look and feel of a brand new forklift. It’s quick to follow commands, turns on a dime and effortlessly aligns the forks beneath pallets. A few months down the road and several hundred working hours later, its glossy shine is covered in dirt, the tyres are worn and the brakes squeal in reverse. Eventually every new forklift becomes old and worn, but many owners agree that routine maintenance can boost performance and extend its life.

Forklift maintenance is not just about repairing the machine when there is a problem; its primary goal is to prevent minor mechanical issues from becoming serious and expensive. Forklift operators serve as a key component to routine maintenance. Before each shift forklift operators should perform two assessment tests: visual and audio. In the visual test, the operators check for leaks, tears in the tyres and the battery’s water level (if the forklift is electric). They should also check the engine for frayed or loose wires. After the visual test is completed, the forklift should be turned on and test driven so the operator can listen for squealing and knocking sounds. Keep a checklist of items to be performed during the assessment tests and track the operators’ findings. Training the operator to identify any current or potential issues is crucial to sustaining the life of your forklift. Their observations can significantly reduce the cost of any necessary repairs.

Daily maintenance of the forklift is important, but never skip out on forklift maintenance performed by a technician or mechanic. During these inspections they typically replace the brakes, oil, headlights and tyres as needed. These professionals are also trained to inspect the inner working parts of the forklift. They will also address any safety concerns or hazards.

Forklifts are valuable investments to virtually any company who employs them regularly. Taking a few extra steps and training your operators to perform assessment tests will not only save you time and money, it will promote a safe work environment for all employees.