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Making Music: Forklifts in Nottingham’s
Capital FM Arena

A quaint and scenic county in the East Midlands section of England, Nottinghamshire attracts thousands of visitors each year. Once dominated by coal mining and other manufacturing industries, Nottinghamshire is now a popular tourist destination for guests seeking a quiet refuge from hectic city life. Small market towns like Newark-on-Trent, Arnold, and Mansfield pepper the lush landscape and provide intimate and unique shopping and dining experiences. At the heart of Nottinghamshire is the City of Nottingham. Most famously known (and visited for) its ties to the legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham also boasts incredible nightlife, shopping, and cultural scenes. World-class dining, boutiques, and various cultural attractions await visitors in a town once only known for lace-making and tobacco production. Visitors to Nottingham can experience the arts in a variety of venues: small art galleries and studios, traditional music halls, and large, contemporary arenas. Taking center stage, so to speak, is the Capital FM Arena. This 10,000 seat arena and conference center is home to the Sheffield Steelers, a British ice hockey club, and also welcomes major UK and international performing artists each year. Names like Elton John, Bob Dylan, Justin Beiber, and Il Divo routinely grace the stage at the Capital FM Arena, making it one of Britain’s premier concert venues.

The receiving dock at the Capital FM Arena faces unique challenges every day as varied shipments to the arena must be unloaded, sorted, and delivered to destinations inside. Incoming daily shipments for the arena itself include food and beverages for concession stands, souvenirs for concert goers, as well as janitorial supplies and miscellaneous maintenance equipment. To receive, sort, and shelve such items in the warehouse, the Arena employs sit-down forklift Nottingham and cushion tire forklift trucks nottingham. These types of forklifts have a max lift capacity of 90,000 pounds and maneuver well inside the Capital FM Arena. Better yet, they are battery powered and do not emit dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. They are also perfect for shuttling the thousands of pounds of staging, lighting, and sound equipment that accompanies each performing artist to the concert floor. Once there, forklift hire nottingham is capable of achieving other tasks as well. Often to save money they utilize used forklift nottingham. Scissor lifts, which have a 1000-4000 pound lift capacity, elevate heavy lights and other music equipment into place while also carrying the personnel charged with positioning them. Boom lifts, which reach higher platforms but do not carry as much weight, are also utilized. Indeed, the Capital FM Arena must carefully consider what items need to be routinely lifted and which used forklift sale nottingham is best able to complete the job.

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