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Down at the Docks:
Forklifts at Merseyside’s Most Famous Waterfront

A large metropolitan county in northwest England, Merseyside County is home to a mix of small boroughs and dense urban areas. Best known in Merseyside County is the City of Liverpool. The fourth most populous city in Britain, Liverpool is home to a diverse array of cultural attractions—namely everything Beatles—and landmarks like the Liverpool Cathedral, the West Tower, and St. George’s Hall. At the forefront of those landmarks is the Liverpool Waterfront. A unique tourist destination offering visitors the opportunity to dine in fine restaurants, shop chic boutiques, and stay in world-class hotels, the Liverpool Waterfront also serves as major British port, and its docks are critical to the city’s continued development. The docks at Liverpool Waterfront are some of the most advanced in the world. The world’s first enclosed dock, the Old Dock, constructed in 1715, is here, as is the first ever hydraulic lifting crane. More attractive to tourists, the Albert Dock (built in 1846), now houses the bulk of the Waterfront’s restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, museums, and small riverboat cruises. Princes Dock and Pier Dock are major cruise line terminals. Visitors to the Liverpool Waterfront are quickly struck by the massiveness and hard working nature of the docks.

The docks at the Liverpool Waterfront face a number of shipping, receiving, and warehousing challenges each day. At Albert Dock, where food and beverages, store trinkets, and cleaning supplies are warehoused, workers employ sit-down, cushion tire forklift Liverpool. These types of forklift truck hire liverpool have a max lift capacity of 90,000 pounds and maneuver well inside the warehouses at Albert Dock. When working inside warehouses it is important to employ battery powered forklift hire Liverpool because these models do not emit hazardous fumes inside the workplace. From the warehouses, supplies can then be transported to business locations via manual pallet truck, a kind of used forklift liverpool perfect for lifting and moving pallets of relatively light weight (up to 2,700 kg). At Princes and Pier Dock, where dockworkers are faced with the daunting task of loading and unloading cruise ships, pneumatic tire used forktruck liverpool are employed. These types of forklifts have the benefit of outdoor utility and a greater max lift capacity (120,000 pounds). They are larger in size than cushion tire forklifts and are powered by LP, gas, or diesel. They are the perfect choice for the tough jobs they are required to perform at Princes and Pier Dock. When selecting a forklift, it is essential to consider the types of materials that require lifting, as well as the working environment in which the forklift will operate.

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