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This Little Forklift Went to Market:
Forklifts in the Leicester Market

Home to a number of diverse cities and industries, Leicestershire County is often referred to as the “county of contrasts”. As the commercial and manufacturing centre for the Midlands, Leicestershire is home to a wide array of textile and clothing companies, food companies, printing and plastics plants, and electronics companies. At the county’s centre is the city of Leicester. A traditional country town, it is home to the Leicester Market, one of Europe’s largest and finest markets. Over 700 years old, the outdoor, covered market is home to over three hundred vendors offering delightful food, clothing, footwear, jewelry, and household goods from across the globe. Its indoor market offers fresh fish, textiles, and a restaurant which showcases market foods. Seasonal shows and events grace the market as well, and include favourites like the Christmas Craft Faire and Summer Food and Drink Celebration. A 2011 renovation of the Leicester Market provided a new layout, wider aisles to accommodate more shoppers, new signage, and improved lighting for better viewing of goods. All of these improvements increased the range of commodities offered at the Market, making it more fantastic than ever. There should be no secret why this is considered “Britain’s Favourite Market.”

As independent business owners charged with running their own booths, vendors at the Leicester Market do not have the advantage of large shipping and receiving warehouses or personnel to help them unload, stock, and shelve their goods. This does not mean, however, that they cannot benefit from the use of Leicester forklifts. A farmer bringing in loads of watermelons or pumpkins, or a textile dealer bringing in bolts of heavy fabric, would easily benefit from the use of a forklift hire Leicester. Known also as a pallet jack, pump truck, or jigger, this kind of Leicester forklift for hire is perfect for lifting and moving pallets of relatively light weight (up to 2,700 kg) indoors. Easily maneuverable inside the tight confines of the Leicester Market, users of the pallet truck can more easily get their goods from their delivery vans to their selling locations, saving themselves countless man hours and fatigue. Pallet trucks lift pallets either by a manual pump or a battery powered pump, and then roll on small, hard wheels under the truck. Powered trucks can lift heavier and stacked pallets, but are larger and a bit costlier up front. They also require more maintenance than a manual pallet truck, which is a virtually maintenance-free machine. Those considering a pallet truck must consider what items they routinely lift and what obstacles a powered pallet truck might present.

For larger pallets, and heavier shipments it is important to know that vendors can utilise larger gas and electric forklifts Leicester. Vendors should consider forklifts for rent or for hire as financially responsible option if the Leicester forklift rental rate is low enough. However, should it be the case that a used forklift Leicester for sale is a better long-term option we at 123Forklift are more than happy to provide multiple quotes

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