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A Medieval Cathedral’s Modern Tools

The Winchester Cathedral is a great treasure, and one of Winchester’s most prominent buildings. It is the oldest medieval cathedral in all of Europe. The architecture is awe-inspiring; a unique compilation of various renovations done throughout the decades resulting in a collage-like structure that consists of Gothic, Norman, and Renaissance styles. Moving past the commanding exterior, the inside of the Cathedral reveals brilliant artwork, both historical and modern; intricate sculptures, delicate stained glass, and beautiful chantry chapels are just a few of the Cathedral’s highlights.

The Winchester Cathedral is truly a magnificent architectural feat, an inspiring achievement magnified by the struggles of ancient building techniques. When construction of the cathedral first began, in 647, many tools which make modern day building efficient were not available; forklifts, an integral part of most building constructions, would not be invented for another 1200 years.

Had the forklift hire Portsmouth been available at the time of the Cathedral’s inception, not only could it have moved all 16 of the Cathedral’s massive bells, weighing a staggering 8,341 kilograms (about seven small family cars), but would have been able to delicately reposition the Cathedral’s 400 pipe organ with grace and ease. As for the Cathedral’s 1.5 ton ancient polished dark stone font, which had been imported from overseas, the forklift hire Southampton would have made that journey a breeze. The average Winchester forklifts for sale can safely carry 2,000 kilograms, or 2 tonnes.

Although there were no forklifts to accompany the heavy lifting required throughout the early centuries of the Cathedral, at least they are available for the ongoing events and activities at the Cathedral today. The used forklift Hampshire Uk ‘s heavy-duty capabilities are commonly used for maintenance, upkeep and repair. However, moving delicate items, such as relics and artwork, is a constant need at the Winchester Cathedral.

The current sculpture exhibition, The Way of Sorrow, undoubtedly utilized the strong arm of the buy lifttrucks Winchester to transport these beautifully fragile, yet massive, woodcarvings. Forklifts have also been known to assist in raising and positioning grand scale paintings onto the walls. They can also be used to reach a towering beam or angelic stained glass window that needs repair. An attachment to the buy forklifts Portsmouth known as the “man basket” can lift the repairer into position, holding them steady to perform the intricate work. Forklifts have also proven quite handy in the replacement and relocating of the massive cathedral bells. There are truly an endless number of ways that modern forklift technology helps maintain this historic and magnificent structure.

While the Winchester Cathedral’s inception bared the struggles of ancient building techniques to erect an incredibly historic cathedral, today, we utilize modern tools, such as forklifts, to ensure the Cathedral’s preservation and to assist in continued admiration and respect for the magnanimous feat.

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