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Pass The Salt Cheshire

Cheshire, a beautiful, rural county renowned for the affluence and the lifestyle of many of its famous residents, has served as a hot bed for inspiration and hard work for hundreds of years. Cheshire hosted some of the most influential authors of all time, including Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and Samuel Johnson. It is also the place a number of authors like Hall Caine, Alan Garner, Elizabeth Gaskell and Lewis Carroll called home. In fact, Lewis Carroll made the local, beloved Cheshire cat and his smile world-famous in his tale, Alice in Wonderland.

Besides having a unique literary background, Cheshire also has a strong history of salt and chemical production. The chemical industry began during the Roman times through the salt mines in Northwich and Middlewich. One salt company became so large, it permeates 57% of the market for all table salt used in the United Kingdom.

Getting salt from the ground into the hands of chemical companies or onto family dinner tables is quite a process. However, with modern machinery and moving equipment like heavy-duty used forklift Cheshire, up to 6,000 tonnes of salt can be harvested in one day. First, shafts are placed throughout the center of the underground salt deposit to drill holes to place explosives. Explosives are detonated in a pattern that leaves some pillars of salt standing, creating an underground room. Once underground, a skid steer moves the heaps of salt rock to a crushing area, and the rocks are crushed into pieces 2-3 cm in size. If even smaller pieces are needed, like for table salt, the particles are dissolved in water for further processing. Typically, table salt goes through two to three months of washing and solar evaporation before it’s ready to be packaged.

In a salt manufacturing plant, once the salt is packaged in ready-to-ship containers, the packages need to be moved safely across the warehouse, purchase forklift in Cheshire can help move the sale to either temporary storage or directly onto the lorry truck used to ship them to their desired locations. Purchase used fork truck Cheshire that can maneuver easily through storage aisles and reach high shelves are important because salt and chemical companies need to make the safest and most efficient use of the space they have available.

Depending on the capacity and size of the orders processed, chemical manufacturing facilities tend to use smaller forklifts and fork rent warrington like electric stackers or medium ones like reach trucks that can maneuver easily and still complete fairly heavy lifting. Some though, like to go with larger engine and electric rent a lift warrington forklifts because they have the heaviest weight capacities and can transport a lot at one time. Battery-operated forklifts are recommended for chemical manufacturers because they do not emit dangerous fumes indoors.

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