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123Forklift is the United Kingdom's most reliable source for new and used forklift trucks for sale, hires, parts, repair services and forklift driver certification. With locations throughout all counties and major cities in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, we supply the largest stocklist of new and used warehouse forklifts and access platforms. Our stocklist includes hundreds of used fork lifts: engine/electric forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, stackers, rough terrains, telehandlers and pallet trucks (hand and powered). We offer warranties, service contracts and LOLER certificates for all forklifts purchased. To view pictures and prices complete the enquiry form or call 020 3514 3686.

Used Forklift Prices

Forklift trucks are valuable assets to warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. Upon first considering the purchase of a forklift, new customers tend to ask the same question: Should I purchase a new or used forklift? To determine the best option for your facility, 123Forklift recommends a price quote comparison of both new and used lift truck models. New forklifts are more costly upfront, but may be the best choice if the forklift will be required on a full time basis. Used forklift truck prices are based on the number of hours, model year, and overall condition. Forklift dealerships recondition the forklifts to perform like new and prove to be as efficient as a new forklift.

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forklift sales Forklift Trucks For Sale in the United Kingdom

123Forklift houses the largest stocklist of new and used forklifts. We carry engine and electric forklifts for sale in addition to reach trucks, order pickers, stackers, pallet trucks, scissor lifts, telehandlers and rough terrains of all major brands. Click on the forklift type listed below to view pictures and prices:

Engine Forklifts (Counterbalance) are fueled by diesel, gas and propane. Diesel and gas forklifts can only be used outdoors, and propane can be used inside if the facility is properly ventilated. Engine forklifts are available in both solid and pneumatic tyres. Solid tyres are made of solid rubber and designed to drive on smooth warehouse floors. Pneumatic tyres are similar to automotive tyres; they are made of rubber and filled with compressed air. Ridges in the tyre treads allow them to be driven on rough, uneven ground such as gravel. An engine forklift truck for sale is an ideal investment for outdoor applications.

Electric Forklifts (Counterbalance) use lead acid batteries to power the forks and drive the machine. Electric forklifts have solid tyres and are generally used for indoor applications because they do not emit harmful fumes like carbon monoxide. A fully charged battery powers the lift for 8 consecutive hours. Warehouses that require an electric forklift for more than 8 hours typically have 2-3 extra batteries on hand to prevent downtime. An electric forklift for sale is an ideal investment for indoor applications.

Warehouse Forklifts lift, carry, and stack pallets onto racking and shelving inside warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Reach trucks, order pickers, stackers and pallet trucks are electric because batteries are the most suitable for indoor applications.

  • Reach trucks are utilised by warehouses and manufacturing facilities with narrow aisles and tall shelving. Operators lift the forks in a side-to-side motion to align the pallets onto the shelves. Reach trucks have a maximum weight capacity of 2,000 kg and reach height of 9,200 mm.
  • Stackers are similar to reach trucks because they perform the same function, but they have a smaller weight capacity and reach height. Stackers are ideal for stacking pallets less than 1,800 kg onto shelves 5,400 mm high. Operators stand behind the stacker to control the forks.
  • Order pickers have a large platform the operator stands on to control the forklift and pick orders from the shelves. Order pickers have maximum weight capacity of 3,000 kg. Three reach height levels are available: low level (<2,000 mm), medium level (2,000-6,000 mm) and high level (>6,000 mm).
  • Pallet Trucks are electric and use batteries to lift pallets or boxes less than 2,700 kg. Pallet trucks are only ideal for small jobs, but they can easily maneuver through tight warehouse aisles. These fork trucks for sale are also used to load and unload pallets inside shipping containers.

Scissor lifts extend large worker platforms up to 14,000 mm in the air. With an average weight capacity of 225-700 kg, scissor lifts are only intended to lift and transport 2-3 workers and their equipment. Numerous industries employ scissor lifts for maintenance repairs, installations and other jobs. Scissor lifts are available in all engine and tyre types. Indoor scissor lifts have special non-marking tyres that do no leave black marks on the floors.

Telehandlers are rugged forklifts with long crane-like arms and pneumatic tyres. Their long crane-like arm extends heavy loads over 15,000 mm. The operator can raise the arm (also called a boom) forward, backward and at slight angles to the left and right. Telehandler attachments such as a pallet fork, truss boom and bucket afford the forklift great versatility and flexibility for industrial and agricultural applications.

Rough Terrains are strictly used for outdoor applications. They operate primarily on gas or diesel and use large pneumatic tyres to drive on grass, gravel, dirt and uneven, rough terrain surfaces. With a weight capacity between 3,000 – 23,000 kg, contractors and agricultural farmers typically employ rough terrains for heavy-duty applications.

Other Services We Offer

  • Forklift Hire
    123Forklift offers both short-term and long-term hires with pickup and delivery services. We service our entire forklift hire fleet to ensure that your hire is ready to go and operational when you need it. In addition to the length of hire, rates are determined by the lift truck type, weight capacity and engine type.
  • Forklifts Parts
    From new and used forklift batteries to master cylinders to engine kits, each 123Forklift supplies forklift parts compatible for every major brand. We carry quality, brand name parts to ensure that your used fork lift truck is maintained, up-to-date, running well and has the maximum efficiency required.
  • Forklift Servicing
    Forklifts are vital components in every industry and need to be fully maintained to remain fully functional. 123Forklift employs a crew of service technicians to be on call for your every forklift need. We service every equipment type and major forklift brand.
  • Forklift Driver Certification
    All forklift and access platform operators are required to be trained and certified to operate warehouse equipment. Every year, hundreds are injured from forklift-related accidents. With proper training, most accidents can be prevented. 123Forklift offers certification and training classes for just one forklift driver or the entire crew.